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Sport-Specific Dance Training


As a former competitive figure skater and ice dancer, Bailey wanted to create a program that helped skaters develop the creative and artistic elements specific to the sport of figure skating.


In 2015 she developed The HAT Method for Figure Skaters, an off-ice dance program that teaches skaters to become more artistically expressive by focusing on movements of the Head, Arms, and Torso (HAT).


In this program skaters dance to a different rhythm from around the world each week, and explore a wide variety of movement vocabularies to develop their expressive movement capabilities both on and off the ice.


Through exploring these dance styles, skaters will learn how to creatively connect to the beat, and be to express themselves with complete self awareness and body control.


The result is a skater who truly embodies the grace and beauty to match the powerful athleticism that together form the heart of figure skating.

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