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Nunyati Store

In buying this traditional Ghanaian woven basket, 100% of your dollars are supporting a culturally-relevant, community-driven educational fund providing students in the rural village of Dagbamete, Ghana with all the tools they need for their academic success!


In addition, your purchase is supporting the Ghanaian artisans who handcraft these baskets, using traditional weaving, dyeing, and leather-making methods - crafts and cultural practices that are sadly being lost in Ghana, although we wish to change that with your help.


These baskets are handmade with different grasses and dyed using traditonal techniques. The Bolga Baskets also come with hand-crafted goat leather handles, making them incredibly durable. 

The Bolga Baskets - a craft with roots in Northern Ghana - are perfect for displaying in your home, or taking to the farmer's market on the weekend! The Kevi Baskets  - made exclusively by the Ewe people in the Volta region of Ghana - make lovely plant holders, or can be used for storage in your home that adds beauty and charm.

Each of these baskets were hand-selected for their unique beauty. We hope that in displaying them in your homes or giving them as gifts that you are inspired by their vibrancy and reminded of the awesome children in Dagbamete that they represent.


Please see the images below for pricing and more information. Payment can be made via e-transfer or through a donation to our GoFundMe ( Free delivery available within Toronto, or can be shipped for an additional cost.


Each basket will come with a post card describing the meaning and impact of your purchase. For more information or to buy a basket, please email


Thank you! Or as they say in Dagbamete, akpe ka ka ka!


Bailey and Dotse Dunyo

Founders of the Nunyati Fund


Education. Culture. Connection.

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