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Bailey, you had the children for only 6 sessions before the performance. You packed more learning into those 6 sessions than I can believe! Your original piece that you wrote was full of curriculum and your creative delivery made the learning so meaningful for the children. EVERY child was engaged and excited to explore, learn, and perform. Parents were beyond excited. What a gift to my class, the 100 children who experienced your magic, and to the parent community who could not stop smiling. It was a delight and pleasure having you in our school for the third year.

-Linda Kennedy, Grade 2 Teacher

In Your School

Ages 6 yrs - 14 yrs

Heartworks is pleased to offer a cutting edge artist-in-residence dance program in your school, specializing in cross-curricular learning through dance and creative movement.


These sessions will take a particular area of curriculum (Sciences, Social Studies, Language Arts, etc) and explore them in a creative, dynamic, and movement-based way.


Programs are designed specifically to tie-in with the lessons and concepts already being explored in the classroom and subject, resulting in strengthened and embodied learning outcomes. 

Each lesson will also meet learning objectives for Dance as it is laid out in the Ontario Curriculum, with a focus on body control, spatial awareness, rhythm and beat acquisition, dance dynamics, improvisation, sequence creation, solo and partner skills, and performance capability.


The lessons have the option to culminate in a final performance, centred around an original story brought to life by each class through dance. 

Programs can be designed specifically for your class, but examples of past program themes include:


Global Communities

The Importance of Bees

Energy and Structures

Environmental Stewardship

Climate Change

Please contact us about designing a program for your school and/or classroom!

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