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The music was great, and I loved having a chance to get out of the house with Ella and meet other new moms like me. It also just felt so great to be moving again. Thanks, Bailey!

-Ingrid, Dancer and Mom to Ella

Parent and Baby Dance

This 45-minute class gives parents and babies (3 months and up) a chance to shake and shimmy together, creating a connection to rhythm and music for baby, and getting mom or dad moving!

With baby in a carrier, in your arms, or on the floor in front of you, we will explore low-impact, high energy dance moves set to music from around the globe, while fostering a sense of community and joy between the dancers.


This is a great way to get out, get your heart pumping, and meet new parents in your neighbourhood. Classes are usually followed by warm beverages and great conversation at a nearby cafe or restaurant.  

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