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Fairbank Memorial PS Feb 14th-91

Bailey, you had the children for only 6 sessions before the performance. You packed more learning into those 6 sessions than I can believe! Your original piece that you wrote was full of curriculum and your creative delivery made the learning so meaningful for the children. EVERY child was engaged and excited to explore, learn, and perform. Parents were beyond excited. What a gift to my class, the 100 children who experienced your magic, and to the parent community who could not stop smiling. It was a delight and pleasure having you in our school for the third year.

-Linda Kennedy, Grade 2 Teacher

Upcoming Classes
Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:00

WorldMove for Parent and Baby:

Come shake and shimmy with your little one and together explore rhythyms and movement styles from around the world. Appropriate for babies 3 months and up.

@ Blue Heron Studio (Uxbridge)

February 4th - March 10th 

About Heartworks
Founded and directed by Bailey Davis Dunyo, Heartworks Studio offers classes for dancers from 3 months to 65+ years of age, covering genres from ballet to hip hop to creative dance and everything in between. The goal at Heartworks is to connect to the joy and power of rhythm and movement no matter what your age or ability.
We offer a welcoming space for dancers to express themselves through movement in a positive, non-competitive environment, that is strongly rooted in the principles and movement vocabularies of dance styles from around the world.
We offer private and group classes, group dance fitness, sport-specific dance training, choreographic services, birthday parties and more.
We also specialize in artist-in-the-school residencies where we focus on the integration and exploration of various curriculum concepts through dance.
At Heartworks we treat dance and movement as a powerful tool for communication and education; connecting the dancer not only more deeply to themselves, but also to the world around them. 
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